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El Kharga Oasis is one of Egypt most modern and bustling oases that still retains the allure of the desert. As soon as you arrive there, the tang of dates will assault your nose and the sight of the date palms will capture your eyes marking the typical oasis mirage.


If a desert expedition is what you’re after, then come to Kharga Oasis and let your self be enchanted by the mystery of its sand dunes. You can also let the warm water of its thermal springs cuddle you while pleasing your eyes with a breathtaking view of the glittering stars.


El Kharga Oasis is your ticket to a journey through various eras of fame and glory. Historical references indicate that expeditions to El Kharga Oasis date back to the Old Kingdom, although little evidence remains about its existence in Pharaonic times. With the arrival of Romans to Egypt, El Kharga’s prosperity escalated as they created new wells of cultivation and a series of settlements to protect caravan trade routes. These Roman Settlements  are considered a must to see sight in Kharga. History enthusiast have just find their place to be, as Kharga has numerous awe inspiring historical attractions  that worth visiting. 


Pottery is one if the crafts celebrated in Kharga, so when you are there don’t miss visiting the various shops selling ceramic products as well as the pottery factory. You can also get some good bargains at Kharga’s lively bazaar or souk.

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