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350px-cairo_evening_view_from_the_tower_of_cairo_egypt 350px-cairo_evening_view_from_the_tower_of_cairo_egypt
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the-sphinx-at-gizacairo-in-egypt-with-the-pyramid-of-chephren-khafre-in-the-background the-sphinx-at-gizacairo-in-egypt-with-the-pyramid-of-chephren-khafre-in-the-background
cairo-egypt cairo-egypt

The city that has never known how to sleep, isn’t only Egypt’s capital, but it’s the budding heart and the exuberant side of the serene land of the Nile. When you visit Cairo, you will never run out of things to do and see, as this city never fails to surprise its visitors. It is the ultimate blend of the grandeur of one of the world’s oldest civilizations and the modern day’s activities. As soon as you get there, the first thing you will be doing is joining the bee-lines that are formed around the Pyramids ; but don’t waste the whole time there, as this city has much more beyond these remarkable edifices. 


A large portion of the cultural and historical heritage of Egypt revolves around old Cairo; so when you’re there, don’t miss the opportunity of being taken on an enchanting tour to envision the glorious times of a once by-gone era. From the narrow streets of old Cairo, Coptic treasures , and Islamic Monuments  and historical buildings which are punctuated by mosques, edged by the city gates and presided over with the Citadel . Cairo also never runs out of plentiful must-see sights . 


As the sun sets, the Nile River lights up with cruising restaurants and feluccas (sail boats), and the boisterous city starts to unleash its nightlife surprises.  The city has dozens of nightspots and a variety of settings where you can enjoy your night. Cairo’s bustling nightlife is diverse and has something for everyone, from quite intimate nights to those wild ones and from the austere dinner experiences to the posh five star service overlooking the Nile at a grand city hotel. Whatever your choice is, you can be sure to enjoy a night out. Lovers of traditional folklore may enjoy performances by talented artists at  the Cairo Opera House. Cairo caters to all tastes, so if you are well cultured, and if exploring new cultures is part of your journey, then El Sawy Wheel  makes an idyllic place for you. That isn’t all what the sprawling metropolis has to amuse you, as it invites you to relive the legend of the mysterious pharos at the Sound & Light shows  by the plateau of the great pyramids of Giza. 


Dining in Cairo is a culinary adventure, as it offers a variety of the finest restaurants that serve different international cuisines, but if you really want to get introduced to the genuine taste of Egypt, you have to try its local cuisine. The Egyptian cuisine isn’t about tossing up delicious recipes, but it has something that suites that palate of one and all. Egyptian cuisine is served at the Imperial restaurants. 


When your visit comes to an end, don’t pack up and fly back just yet, as there are some places where you need to stop by and grab a reminder of your holiday in Egypt. In addition to Khan El Khalily , Cairo boasts an extensive collection of shopping outlets  from where you can buy souvenirs and gifts for your loved ones.

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