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Dahab, the pearl of the gulf, is situated between Sinai’s mountainous landscape and the Red Sea’s prestigious shoreline. Dahab, which means “Gold”, is named for the town’s spectacular beaches, sandy coastline, and its peaceful atmosphere. 


Dahab is globally recognized as a splendid setting for windsurfing, owing to its natural atmosphere of reliable winds and flat water conditions in its sand spit. With its magnificent dive sites , Dahab is the city which will bring you closer to the thrilling diving experience of your dreams. 


Predominantly a Bedouin enclave at its heart, visiting Dahab will be taking you on a journey to discover the Bedouin’s fascinating traditions and lifestyle, in addition to a Bedouin dinner. This also makes it a preferred base for desert excursions into the interior deserts, as well as to the lofty heights of the nearby Mount Sinai. You can also discover the beauty of land and sea by visiting Abu Gallum National Park. 


Also on dry land, Wadi Gnai  is a perfect spot for rock climbing enthusiasts, or simply a beautiful oasis in which to enjoy a pot of tea. 


Dahab’s main city is Assala , the most developed conglomeration of campgrounds, hotels, shops, and bars that lie along the seashore. A few miles south of Dahab lies the beautiful adventurous spots of Qnai El Rayan and Qnai El Atshcan valleys. 


With its charming combination of local Bedouin culture, magnificent landscape, gorgeous mountain and sea views, Dahab is considered an ocean-side refuge from the unrelenting heat of the desert.

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