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If you want to feel the thrill of a true desert exploration, then you have to visit Bahariya Oasis. Bahariya Oasis, Egypt’s most peaceful oasis, accommodates a vast array of natural recourses and a significant assortment of historical relics and monuments. It is situated in a depression about 30 kilometers away from Cairo, and Bawati  is its capital


After an exciting trip in the desert, head to the springs to wash up. The oasis is renowned to produce approximately 400 minerals and hot sulfur springs, most imperatively are Bir Hakima, Bir Haifa, Bir Al Matar and Bir Al Ghaba. Moreover, there are the exceptional springs of Ein El Bishmo that are exclusive in the flow of both cold and hot water from distinct sources to blend through cracked stones in a rocky creek. 


Bahariya Oasis,  an unspoilt refugee, isn’t only the place where you can sense adventures through desert safaris and excursions, but it is also the place that will take you on a journey through the mysterious life of the Pharaohs. It is home to most antiquities and relics that belong to the 26th dynasty that is also known as the Saite Period. One of the major archeological sites to visit is Alexander the Great Temple . Another interesting monument is the largest Ptolemaic necropolis dedicated to the Ibis bird, an object of religious veneration in ancient Egypt. The Valley of the Golden Mummies  is a must see site too. 


Bahariya Oasis is your entrance gate to a supernatural holiday where you can blend the sense of adventure with the simplicity of the Bedouins’ life. The attractive scenery of palm trees along with the magical sand dunes and the Bedouin folklore will gather to grant you with the most pleasurable holiday experience.

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