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If exploration is what you are looking for, then Ain El Sokhna should be your destination of choice. The city is a short drive away from Cairo, marking the perfect location from which to enjoy both the Pyramids of Cairo and the glorious beaches. 


The name Ain El Sokhna (which translates as ‘hot springs’) refers to the nearby sulfur springs that flow from Gebel Ataqa, the Eastern Desert’s northernmost mountain. Being a year-round sunshine destination with gentle waves of the clear Red Sea that is located barely more than an hour from the capital make Ain El Sokhna the ideal destination to have a break from the congestion of the city.


Its crystal waters and pristine beaches are the reason why Ain El Sokhna is known as a center for deep- sea fishing, while Zaafarana  is among the world's premier diving locations and famous for its wind and kite surfing too. Beaches and water sports aren’t only what this tourist resort has to offer you, as it is also a favorite spot for underwater photography, as well as an ideal one for camping. With a constant breeze, windsurfing is also popular in this city. In land, desert safaris in the nearby oasis and mountain canyons add to the list of attractions. 


For those who want to cram in some sightseeing, there are appealing options: One of the world’s greatest feats of engineering, the Suez Canal , is less than an hour’s drive away. Make stops at St. Anthony’s Monastery  and the Monastery of St. Paul . The former, which bears the name of one of the earliest advocates of Christian monasticism, is among the oldest inhabited monasteries in Egypt. With fortress-style architecture built to withstand Bedouin attacks, it encloses gardens, a mill, a bakery and five churches, and features a series of unique wall paintings of holy knights and the hermits who founded the monastery. Its library is home to over 1,700 handwritten manuscripts. A picturesque two-kilometer hike from the monastery will bring you to panoramic views of the mountains and the Red Sea at the cave where St. Anthony lived as a hermit. 


The spectacular high mountains, glistening sandy beaches, and clear water make Ain El Sokhna the holiday destination where you will discover the true meaning of fishing, diving, skating, and mountain climbing. It also plays a major role in therapeutic tourism as it contains a lot of sulfur and mineral springs that cure various diseases.

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