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Fayoum is a wonderful area of Egypt with a rich and interesting history. It is an area where Egyptians often vacation and which is constantly growing more popular among Europeans. 


This 692 square mile depression was a lush paradise during prehistoric times. Its water level was eighty-five meters higher than today (currently 45 meters below sea level) and the Nile regularly flooded through the low mountains separating it from the Fayoum. 


At 215 square km, the current lake Qaroun remains Egypt's largest salt water lake. The prehistoric people who lived here were, at first, nomadic hunters and gatherers, but later began harvesting plants near the lake. 


This developed into what is said to be the earliest agricultural area in the world, where fences were erected and guarded warehouses built. The peacefulness of the area is a relief from the hustle and bustle of Cairo , from which it is a brief trip. 


Bird life still abounds around Lake Qaroun, bordered by semi-nomadic Bedouin settlements and fishing villages. Here, on the edge of the desert, you can sail, windsurf, swim and fish. Other places of outstanding natural beauty near Fayoum are the hot springs at Ain Al Siliyin, where you can bath and the waterfalls at Wadi Al Rayan, 40km towards Bahareya , also suitable for swimming and picnics.

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