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Take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, and escape to the most tranquil beach holiday destination of your dreams. Melt down all the stress and pressure, and take a pleasant walk along one of the world’s most wonderful beaches  that combine beauty and magic. Mersa Matruh is the ideal location to discover numerous peaceful beaches  and coves. Its pristine shoreline extends 7km and is covered with eloquent, white, soft sand, and calm transparent waters. Beaches  aren’t the only thing that marks this city’s distinction, as it features many unusual pleasures from various attractions to very enthralling sightseeing tours  and desert excursions . 


Marsa Matruh, has always been worth stopping for, as Alexander the Great put his historical expedition to a halt, to pay tribute and sacrifice to the God Amun in order to ensure that his rule would be a historical continuation of the Pharos. 


The Mediterranean Riviera or the White Med as some may call it, namely Mersa has always been a popular summer resort since the ancient times. The harbor provided a base for Cleopatra's  fleet during the conflict with Augustus; and remains of ancient quays, traces of settlement and the ruins of an Early Christian church have been brought to light. 


The beach tends to get pretty busy during the summer, so if you want escape the crowds it’s best to head out of the city. Just a half-hour drive away, Almaza Bay offers clear waters, ivory sands and plenty of secluded spots. The whole place is fairly quiet, with just a few hotels lining its shores, so it’s a great relaxation spot. It’s also the destination that you don’t need to step out from as it offers its private beach, a shopping complex, a water park, a spa and a golf course is in the making amongst a plethora of recreational activities. 


When you are there, don’t let relaxation keep you from being introduced to one of the most historically and strategically significant cities in Egypt. One of the sights that are worth seeing is the ruins of a temple that dates back to the time of Ramses II  in 1200 B.C., in addition to remains of the naval installations of the Egyptian Fleet Anchorage that was built during the reign of Ptolemy. 


Christianity gained a foothold in Marsa Matruh very early; as there is a Coptic Chapel that contains several caves bearing inscriptions dating back to the early Coptic Era. Another site to see is German General Rommel’s hideout , a cave he used to plan for military operations during the World War II. It was converted to a military museum for visitors to acquire information about Rommel and his rule. 

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