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The peaceful Farafra oasis has a distinctive charm of its own. It is the nearest oasis to the white desert , marking the perfect sanctuary for a tranquil holiday among the white creamy desert and its gigantic rock formations.


If you are fund of arts, then Farafra will represent a true exploration experience for you. Its art center accommodates a museum and a studio where paintings and ceramic art work of local artists are displayed, in addition to a garden teeming with sculptures made of natural elements extracted from the desert. The oasis is eminent for the diverse assortment of beautiful hand-kitted camel-hair sweaters and scarves as well as safari day trips by jeep and camel treks. 


In Pharaonic times, Farafra was known as Taiht, the Land of the Cow. The oldest part of the oasis lies on a hillside in a serene context next to palm orchards near the hot sulphur springs . If you want to be introduced to the nomadic culture, Qasr Farafra  is waiting to be discovered.

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