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Dakhla Oasis, one of Egypt’s mot remote oases, is a splendid refugee that is surrounded by a wall of colorful rock formations and fertile cultivated areas scattered between sand dunes within the area, offering natural magnificent scenery. 


If you are interested in ancient history, then visiting Mut , Dakhla’s largest city, is a must. Another attractive site to visit is Al Qasr , the Oasis’s second main city. Dakhla is also the home to many ancient remains including the amazing Deir El Haggar  and the memorable Muzawaka Tombs . 


If exploration is what you seek, then you can’t miss visiting Dakhla’s numerous thrilling villages  that are waiting to be discovered. Dakhla is also abundant with charming natural springs, one of which is Ain Al Qasr springs , In addition to several lakes, and fish ponds . 


The enchanting blend of the desert’s mystery and the Bedouin’s simplicity makes safari trips another god bet here. 


Being a lush region that is brimming with green gardens, orchards, and diverse wildlife against a mountainous backdrop, the Dakhla Oasis is the perfect gateway for a vacation of unlimited relaxation.

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